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My individual projects that I feel show what kind of designer I am.

Open world project
FPS Level


Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

These games run on game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.

Grupp 1 PNIF.jpg

P.N.I.F Southbound

Project 1- Infinet runner

"Speed through a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland as a rocket-fueled penguin!"

Grupp 3 Almaslament.jpg

Alva's Lament

Project 3- SHMUP

”An Archaeologist greatest discovery turns out to be their greatest mistake, it is now up to her to prevent the awakening of the old ones!”

Grupp 5 HeirofThunder.jpg

Heir of Thunder

Project 5 - Top Down Adventure

"Prove yourself worthy to wield the mighty hammer of Tor and defend the realms of Yggdrasil."​

MicrosoftTeams-image (12).png


Project 7- third person platformer

A 3D  platformer game that's still work in progress

Grupp 2 Mashumaro.jpg


"Twist and turn the candy world to find the quickest way home."

Project 2- Mobile puzzle game


Inner Peace

Project 4- 2D Platformer

"Brave the dangers of the overgrown temple and discover its secrets, to prove that Sophoun is as brave as her friends."

unknown (9).png

Spite: The Drained Hollow

Project 6 - Diablo Style Game

"The god has drained the swamp from its water and created a maze with high root walls. You're sent to investigate where the water went and to get" rid of the corrupted animals.​"


Project 8

Not Yet Announced

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.

Group size: 15 game developers

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