Elevator Pitch

Hi and hello!


I’m Emil as you may know. I’m an aspiring game developer with interests including digital art, history, Level design and obviously video games. 


Currently looking for an internship between August 2022 - April 2023 as part of my level design education.


My name is Emil Svensson and I’m a game developer interested in digital art, history, space and obviously Level design and video games. I’m a fast learner and isn’t afraid to ask for help if there’s something I don’t understand. I enjoy working both independently and as part of a group. I believe that by multiple designers working together, we can strengthen each other's designs

I’d generally say I’m seen as a very optimistic and playful person. Someone who can go from being professional and focused to happy and playful.


I’m currently studying at The Game Assembly (TGA) in Malmö as a level designer. We’ve primarily worked within Unreal Engine 4 and Perforce but we’ve also some experience in unity and blended or other 3D modelling programs. 

One of the biggest advantages of teaching on TGA is that we spend 4 hours every school day working on bigger projects together with groups from other classes to create our own games within a set amount of time and rules. At the point of writing, we’ve nearly completed our 7th project and will most likely start preparing for our 8th and last project before we begin our internship.


I’m seeking a workplace where I’m able to begin a career within the games industry as a level designer. I’m seeking this job with the end goal to become self-sufficient in these early parts of my life within the game industry.

Ending my 2 years of study by searching for an internship between August 2022 - April 2023.

Thank you for your time!

/Emil Svensson