Project 2- Mobile puzzle game

Mashumaro is a mobile puzzle game where you play as a marshmallow dog creature that by using gravity and rotating the stage makes it way through portals and paths to find their way to a big mouth to be eaten (why did we chose to have the end of the puzzles be that your character gets eaten? i have no idea.)


This game was made as our second project. For this project, we were better briefed and have been starting to learn from the mistakes we made during the first project. Me and my fellow level designers spent a lot of time testing each other's puzzles to try and solve them and to make them more interesting.

Our group logo


The team:

  • 3 Level Designers

  • 3 Game Artists

  • 2Animators

  • 4 Game Programmers

Production time:

  • 6 weeks half-speed = Around 120 hours.


  • Unity as a level editor and engine

My Contribution:

  • - Multiple puzzles, including 2 tutorial levels and 2 of the much later and harder levels.

  • - Spent a lot of time playtesting together with Coworkers to solve each other's puzzles.


Feel free to scroll through the images to view our process and in-game scenes that I have been a part of.