Alva's Lament

Project 3 - SMUP

Alva's Lament was a Shootem up type of game where you play as a young explorer and inventor that is investigating an oceanic underworld, fighting giant fish monsters.

This wasn't the most fun of projects for a level designer but I got a chance to create bullet patterns, damage metrics, enemy patterns and more. This project was very game design heavy for me.


Our group logo


The team:

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 3 Game Artists

  • 2 Animators

  • 5 Game Programmers

Production time:

  • 8 weeks half-speed = Around 160 hours.


  • "Tiled" as level editor

  • Prog made their own game engine.

My Contribution:

  • - Didn't do much on this project.

  • - creating enemy patterns 

  • - playtesting. 


Feel free to scroll through the images to view our process and in-game scenes that I have been a part of.